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Work Permit/ Work VISA

Working abroad, especially in countries like Australia, Canada, U.K. & the U.S. provides you with a rich and international exposure. But to find and land in an appropriate job, in an appropriate country requires lots of detailed planning & prompt preparation and it has become all more important due to change in visa policies & rules overtime. A work permit is required to get legal authorization to working a country, where you do not hold a residing status. Acquiring a work permit is not an easy process as it seems. It requires lot of paperwork along with going through several rounds of assessments and interviews.


Study VISA

With globalization, the idea of studying abroad to gain educational excellence, better employment and financial potentiality along with exquisite work environment is attracting more and more students around the globe. But in changing times, it has become difficult for the students to select and pursue a right career option.

Abroad Today is one of the leading global resettlement solution providers, helping students with hassle-free visa services. We provide experts’ guidance to the students to help them to grasp the available educational opportunities. To help students with study visa, Abroad Today:


Business VISA

Business Visa helps the entrepreneurs or business people to invest in the foreign country to explore business opportunities and knowledge. Abroad Today provides you with Business Visa services to various developed economies like; the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand etc. We are dedicated to enhance the chance of your success by helping you with business visa related documents and distinguishing you as a capable, successful business person. Abroad Today helps you with:


Visitor VISA

The idea of travelling abroad has always been fascinating for all of us. But before you travel to wonderful foreign land, be for any occasion, the most important asset you need is the Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Permit (TPR).

Though the concept of travelling abroad looks very magnificent but it is not so easy to acquire a Visitor Visa because you have to convince the visa officer about your reason to visit abroad and also have to authenticate the fact that you would return back within the given time period. Abroad Today’s experts, take every possible step to make your Visitor Visa process easy and hassle-free. With Abroad Today:


Investor VISA

The Investor Visa is a kind of Temporary Work Visa for treaty investors and certain qualifying organizations’ employees, which allows them to enter and work in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the U.K. on the basis of an investment which he or she will be controlling inside these countries. To apply for Investor Visa following criteria should be fulfilled:

  • The investment made must be “substantial” i.e. the investment should be made in commercial enterprise which the investor wants to develop and direct. Investment made in a non-profit organisation should not be considered under this category.

Family / Spouse VISA

Family Visa services help the families to re-unite. Shifting to other countries along with your family is no longer a problem. Now many countries are offering the privilege of reconciling with your family. So considering all these details, Abroad Today offers dedicated Family Visa immigration services under cloud Family Class Visa services.

Family Visa services provided by Abroad Today authorized you to live and migrate from one country to another with the members of your family. Our family visa services are in line with the immigration laws of U.S., U.K., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


Immigration VISA

Immigration is the process through which the applicants seek to migrate to foreign lands for Permanent Residency, Study or Work. People mostly want to migrate to those countries which are sincerely concerned about rights and protection of the immigrants.

Abroad Today provides for a wide variety of immigration visas to help you to migrate to the U.K., the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. Our professional and expert personnel’s are skilled at helping you to choose most appropriate job in the most appropriate country while keeping into the view your unique needs and requirements. We provide distinct and diversified visas under our umbrella visa services including; study visa, work visa, business visa, visitor visa, investor visa, family/spouse visa.