U.S. Business Visa (B-1 Visa): The United States is the land of opportunities and excellences. Here anyone who has the potential, can work hard and dare to fulfil his dreams can succeed at anything. Due to this age-long tradition, the U.S. is the dream destination for the individuals who determine to carve out a better life for themselves through their dedication. Taking this condition into view, the U.S. offers business visas in all shapes and sizes catering to each individual case. Therefore business visas come with different entry criteria, benefits and restrictions.

Abroad Today helps his clients to choose and select the absolute business visas for them. We also advise and help them to prepare the documents that are required to be presented for applying the USA B-1 Visa. The U.S. B1 Visa is formulated for visitors who need to enter the U.S. for business; excluding visitors who wish to enter the U.S. to perform skilled or unskilled labor. USA B1 Visa is granted to individuals who need to fly to the U.S. for:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Independent Research
  • Consultation with business associates
  • Litigation
  • Taking purchase orders
  • Participating in meeting; conventions, conferences or seminars
  • Certain professional athletes including golfers, auto-racer, amateur hockey players; who are going to receive no salary other than prize money
  • Prospective investors who are seeking for investment opportunities to qualify for E-2 Visa qualification
  • Commercial or individual workers who are required to install, repair or service machinery or equipment purchased abroad
  • Artists coming to U.S. for sculpt or paint but not under the contract with U.S. employer
  • A professional entertainer coming to U.S. for completion and going to receive no pay other than prize money
  • Musicians who wish to fly to the U.S. for utilizing recording facilities and those recording should be sold and distributed outside the U.S. and moreover he will not be allowed to give any public performances
  • Still photographers who wish to enter U.S. for taking photographs burt not going to receive any income from a U.S. source

The U.S. Business Visa or B-1 Visa are granted for the period of up to 10 years; depending upon the intent, profile and documents of the applicants.